Ministry of Peace mission statement

The Ministry of Peace was established in 2000 at the Bertrand Russell Peace Conference in Brussels. It was to replace the National Peace Council as a hub for coordinating the peace lobbies to build humanitarian, political, legal and financial cases against the war lobbies. It was also to arrogate the missing power of such a ministry to put a break on military interventions overseas. Peace groups in the UK however, do not readily coalesce and have left the MoP as a largely private initiative.
The object remains to pursue the aims by documenting the cases against war, as it did in 2003 by compiling ‘Peace with Iraq’ and in 2006 publishing ‘Peace with Iran’. These were circulated to all MPs, influential figures, diplomats and many media outlets. It sends strong messages to Ministers and the media suggesting diplomacy, justice and peaceful solutions to conflicts in Afghanistant, Libya, Syria and Ukraine. It has taken legal action via the UK High Court to stop the bombing of Iraq, to interdict the invasion and to prosecute Tony Blair et al. for the War Crimes. It then Petitioned the ICC to investigate these crimes. It Petitioned Her Majesty not to sign any more Orders in Council for wars not in defence of the UK.
One of its central concerns is to end the illegal and cruel occupation of Palestine and other Israeli crimes against these blockaded people. Those felonies are found to be a major cause of unrest and conflict in Muslim nations, as predicated in the US neo-Con report ‘Rebuilding America’s Defences’ (1999) where six Muslim nations were singled out for military occupation and where ‘the need for a new Pearl Harbour’ was expressed, prior to blaming ‘Islamic terrorists’ for ‘9-11’.