Ukraine – questions and answers

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Seminar at ‘Keep Talking’ Summary notes           12 May2014

UKRAINE – Some Questions and Answers

How did the unrest in Ukraine begin?

EU invitation with economic attractions followed by government favouring Russian offer.

Is Yugoslavia a guide to what will happen next?

Massive propaganda against Serb government – Milosovic.    Neo-Con Madeleine Albright got UN Resolution for NATO to attack Serbia on ‘humanitarian’ bombing raids.  Devastated Serbian government and links with Russia. Bombed their TV station and wrecked factories, railways, bridges.

Is US/NATO/EU intervention part of an expansionist agenda?

US & EU ever expanding to suck more souls into multi-national corporate hegemony.

Was Russia’s recovery of Crimea “the first annexation since WW2”?

Was not Palestine first?  In 1945 Ukraine was part of Russia  OmniAtlas.

Why would the EU, heavily dependent on Russian gas and fairly dependent on Russian trade, want to impose sanctions on its partner?

Similarly, the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were not in EU, UK or US  interests even were they based on truth.  Another example; gifting Palestine to Zionists was not in US or UK  interests either but rather against them, smearing us with support for a gang of  criminal terrorists.

Is Israel therefore involved?

Repeat patterns:

1) Fear of Russia aiding Syria and Iran when Israel attacks. Arun Lund Jewish Carnegie Endowment for Peace; “If Obama failed to confront Putin, he would not resolve Syrian conflict, affecting Israel’s security.

2) Israeli substitute for Russian gas to EU (2 years’ supply).   

3) Fear of ‘anti-Semitism’ bred by Jewish usury impoverishing Ukrainians in the Middle Ages, described by Douglas Reed in ‘Behind the Scenes’ and Solzhenitsyn’s ‘Two Hundred Years Together’ about the Jewish problem in Russia – suppressed.   

4) Countering rise of ‘Nazism’ – Fear of Bandera’s as in 1941.    

5) 6 Jewish oligarchs, in interim government; Arseny Yatsenijuk, Interim PM, Arsen Avakar Interior Minister, and Aron Kolomoysky, Head of EU Jewish Congress. 

6) Victoria Nuland’s (was Neuberg) $5B gift to the ‘peaceful’ rebels (‘Maidan Cookies’) plus likely involvement of Rothschild-Soros International Crisis Group,  the National Endowment for Democracy run by ex Israeli Gen. Gershon, and the Alliance of Youth Movements run by another Israeli in New York, Jared Cohen.

Yanukovytch had support from parliamentarians Jews such as Aleksander Feldman, Chair of Jewish Fund for Ukraine.  But he condemned the President after he fled.

The US Secretary of State claimed Russia is destabilizing Ukraine, is this true?

But the civil unrest spreading from Kiev died down when Crimea voted to join Russia.   Why would Russia want to destabilize a country that owes it $20B in unpaid gas bills?    More likely, as Putin claimed on 1st May; “USA is behind crisis, flying low”.

Is there a degree of hypocrisy in western allegations generally? 

SoS John Kerry berated Russia: “You don’t invade another country on a phony pretext in order to assert your interests.  This is an Act of Aggression that is trumped up in terms of pretext.”    As the US is guilty of all these recriminations over Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq, Russia need not listen.

Is  ‘democracy’ another example of hypocrisy?

A clue is in Disraeli’s revelation: “The world is governed by very different personages to what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”    

And as Col. Qaddafy said: “‘Democracy’ is rule by oligarchs over political parties, through the medium of funding and control of the press”.   He also claimed 400 families control 80% of global wealth.

Are certain rogue elements pushing for another World War?

The PNAC is a cabal of Israeli-Firsters:  Paul Wolfowitz, Henry Kissinger,  Richard Perle, the Kagans, Rabbi Dov Zackheim and a phalanx of their brethren and Christian Zionists like Dick Cheney,on Capitol Hill, in the media, banking and other multi-nationals.  They put Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Libya and Sudan, all Muslim countries plus N Korea, in the cross-hairs as a ‘threat to US security.’  These countries also happened to refuse Rothschild central banking.

Is there a strategy which would avoid Armageddon? 

The Russia-China-NAN axis is strengthening.  Hopefully it will be strong enough to deter such folly.  But will it be strong and intelligent enough to scotch the pervasive Zionist control of banking, media, politics, law and multi-nationals?  One strategy is to alert China and Russia and they are listening.

Dr James B Thring Ace MoP@Ukraine 10May14