Crimes Against The Palestinians

Dr James B Thring

February 2013


Identifies 20 categories of crimes against the Palestinians as offences under the Geneva Conventions, the Human Rights Conventions and natural law as well as examples of contempt for International Treaties and UN Resolutions. They include War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide.   Specific examples are: State terrorism, Apartheid, denying Right of Return, deliberately targeting women and children, theft of land and water, attacks on refugees, destruction of homes, imposing laws on occupied people, building settlements for occupier populations, unlawful imprisonment, imprisonment without charge, torture and deprivation of prisoners’ rights, using people for germ war tests, denying free trade, embezzling aid donations and taxes, denying rights to free communication, collective punishment, making false defamatory allegations, obstructing justice and contempt for UN Resolutions.   Each of these is illustrated with specific examples and linked to criminal law. Concludes that the international community, obliged to prosecute the perpetrators of these atrocities but failing to do so, may be guilty of contempt for international law. Various levels of legal action are recommended to arrest the criminals, halt the crimes and restore justice and peace.

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Crimes Against the Palestinians

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War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide,

collective punishment, imprisonment without charge, embezzlement, theft, legal action, culprits, courts, strategies, United Nations, Zionism, Palestine



The Ministry of Peace was proposed to the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation Conference on Peace & Human Rights at Brussels in 2002 as a replacement for the National Peace Council and to unite the disparate groups of the peace movement in countering the war lobby. It was subsequently set up as an independent entity, lobbying government and planning peaceful resolutions to conflict and taking legal action against war criminals. Its main action was against the UK government for their part in blockading, bombing and invading Iraq. It spawned Legal Action Against War in 2002 to formalize the legal work and extended the action to the International Criminal Court. It also initiated the campaign to impeach Prime Minister Blair for Treason, War Crimes and generally deceiving Parliament and the public in his support for President Bush’s invasion of Iraq


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James Thring is a former architect, strategic planner and forecasting consultant. He set up Planning for Peace in 1980 to develop strategies to counter the covert and ‘awsome’ strategies of the state terrorists. He was Secretary Professions for World Disarmament & Development 1981-3 and a Member of the World Constitution & Parliament Association to unite citizen power. Founded the Ministry of Peace to confront the war lobbies in government. Set up Legal Action Against War, applying for Judicial Review and a High Court Injunction in 2002 to stop the invasion of Iraq. Subsequently submitted War Crimes charges to the Met and then to the ICC. Published several monographs on peace: ‘Strategies for Palestine’, ‘Peace with Iraq’, ‘Israeli War Crimes in Lebanon’, ‘Peace with Iran’ and ‘Peace with Libya’. He gave papers on these subjects to the Gulf Cultural Club and on Imam Khomeini’s exhortations and on ‘Super-State Terrorists’ at the Iran Cultural Attache’s Seminars in London and at the Tehran Peace Conferences in 2009 & 2011. He has spoken on Sahar tv, Channel S, IRIB, IRNB, PRESStv, RT and BBC Radio4 and writes articles and letters to try to win justice and peace in the Middle East.






1 INTRODUCTION                                                                                                        5

1                The Objectives

2               History of Israeli War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity & Genocide

3               Procedures for Indictment

4               Defining & Drafting Charges

5              War Crimes

6              Crimes Against Humanity

7                Genocide


2 CLASSES OF CRIME IN DETAIL                                                                          11

1                Terrorizing an Occupied People

2               Operating Apartheid

3               Stealing Palestinian Land & Water

4               Armed Attacks on Refugees

5              Denying Rights of Return

6              Armed Attacks on Women & Children

7                Destroying Palestinians’ Homes

8               Imposing Laws, Government & Constitution on Occupied People

9              Building Illegal Settlements

10            Contemptuously Ignoring 130 UN Resolutions

11             Torturing & Depriving Prisoners of Human Rights

12            Using Palestinians in Germ Warfare Tests

13            Denying Access to Free Trade

14            Embezzling $1M a day in Palestinian Taxes

15            False Accusations against Victims

16            Assassinating Political Leaders

17             Collective Punishment

18            Massacring Innocent Civilians

19            Obstructing Justice

20           Attacking Victim Supporters


3 THE BACKGROUND                                                                                                            19


4 THE MOTIVES                                                                                                             20

1                Ethnic Cleansing

2               History of Persecution

3               Religious Arrogance

4               Eretz Israel

5              Global Hegemony


5 THE PRIME CULPRITS                                                                                           21

1                Zionist leaders

2               Mossad agents

3               Israeli Forces Chiefs


6 THE CO-CONSPIRATORS                                                                                     23

1                Zionists in the UK government

2               Neo-Cons in the US administration:

3               AIPAC & Israeli Lobbyists

4               The Media Moghuls

5              Christian Right

6              Conscripts


7 THE COURTS                                                                                                               25

1                National Courts

2           The European Court of Human Rights

3           The International Criminal Court

4           The International Court of Justice


8 LEGAL ACTI0N                                                                                                           26


9 CONCLUSION                                                                                                                        27
10 REFERENCES                                                                               28


This pamphlet is a reaction to the horrific, persistent and unprovoked series of crimes against the Palestinians for the last 60 or more years. It offers a provisional list of principal categories with specific examples committed by Israelis in recent years. Each category comprises multiple charges against individuals and/or the state, theoretically capable of claims in the International Court of Justice, or the International Criminal Court (since July 2002), or the European Court of Human Rights or in national courts. The object is to help bring justice by identifying the culprits and taking them to court, thereby discouraging further crimes.


1          The Objective

The overall objective is to help restore justice to the Palestinians who suffer a living torture of Jewish invaders squatting on more and more of their land, attacking farmers, uprooting their olive trees, demolishing their homes, stealing their water, preventing them for receiving aid, preventing them from trading and imprisoning them at random without trial. The Palestinians have no power to defend themselves against these crimes; no defence forces, no effective police, no voice in the Jewish Parliament, no funds to hire independent lawyers and scarce support from outside. The Jewish judiciary is fundamentally biased in favour of its own people and against any other creed. This is a tenet of slow Genocide which has been surreptitiously perpetrated since 1948. Jewish terrorism and land theft began in the 19th century and escalated in the 1900’s, as documented by Norman Finkelstein[i] [1] and others.[ii] [2]   By identifying specific crimes it should be easier to focus on legal action through one of the many courts available.

If indictments are successful in leading to arrests, trials and imprisonments and compensation, they should discourage the perpetrators and their powerful co-conspirators from further acts of aggression and inhumanity. This may help to curb the relentless influx of squatters on Palestinian land and to restrain the Jewish regime from expanding east. It may therefore help to re-establish the State of Palestine and thereby bring a measure of peace and security to its beleaguered stateless people. It could even begin to curb further death, destruction and defamation against other nations such as Afghanistan and Iraq perpetrated by the Zionist lobby in the name of the US Army and co-belligerents. It may therefore save Iran and Syria and other Islamic countries being targeted by Israel and its acolytes. It should also restore justice and confidence to the entire region of South West Asia and to the Muslim fraternity globally. Inter-alia it may thus assuage some of the guilt felt in the UK, the USA and Russia in aiding the establishment of Israel on another people’s country without even consideration to the indigenous inhabitants.

On the other hand, legal action, even if unsuccessful, could lead to vicious reactions from the numerous Zionist, Jewish or Gentile elements of the Judaic agenda and those sympathetic to its political, religious or ethnic objectives. Too often this terroristic history has frightened many champions of justice from the cause. It has even led to the defamation and cowering of entire countries, at least two of which have been totally devastated – Iraq and Afghanistan – for championing Palestinian rights.

A carefully planned strategy is needed to avoid this fate. Any strategy could be similarly sabotaged. But the risk is reducing as the rest of the world wakes up to the injustices and the wiles of the criminals to avoid censure. Some indication that this awakening is occurring stems from the fact that 140 nations voted in 2012 to recognise Palestine’s right to Observer Status at the United Nations, despite pressure from the Israeli lobbies. This status opens the check-point to successful legal action.


2       History of Israeli War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity & Genocide

Israeli crimes against the Palestinians must be indicted in every signatory country to the Geneva Conventions: It is a duty. It may save Palestinian lives.

These crimes have been perpetrated for over half a century when the first Zionists terrorized their way in to the Holy Land. The Stern Gang, the Irgun, Haganah and other Jewish terrorist gangs massacred thousands of Palestinians, annihilated whole villages, murdered British Army personnel and two UN High Commissioners, even sending a letter bomb to a British Cabinet Minister. They terrorised anyone who seemed likely to stand in the way of their goal to snatch the entire country for themselves. This form of terrorism has now escalated to state scale, disproportionate to the natural resistance of a defenceless civilian population.

Such abuse of power drags the names of democracy, Zionism, Judaism and Israel to an unprecedented low level of inhumanity.

There is virtually no case for the Palestinians to answer as they are indisputably the blameless victims of aggressive, planned invasion. They have nobly endured a brutal occupying power which has dispossessed them of their legitimate homes and then continued to massacre families and children in refugee camps, over 500 villages,[3] towns and cities, such as Deir Yassein and Tantura to Jenin and now Gaza. They have been unable to fight back because they were totally disempowered both by the Zionists, the British government and the international community. Only on rare occasions has any armed resistance been possible, so tightly have the Jewish immigrants blockaded Palestine. On rarer occasions Arab countries have threatened military force to regain their brothers’ homeland. But when they levelled threats the Israelis pre-empted action by swift and devastating military force, causing more massacres, destruction, economic strangulation and a growing animosity toward the Jewish entity. The Israelis destroyed the Jordanian, Syrian and Egyptian Air Forces on the ground before they could attack in the Six Day War.

Even when countries such as Iran and Iraq have offered simple aid to Palestinians, civil as well as military, that country has come under collective punitive sanctions and threats of nuclear strikes. As a result the Palestinians remain isolated. Thus, a few brave resistance fighters have taken the struggle for survival to the international stage. But this plea for help was branded as ‘terrorism’ by the Israeli propaganda machine and its hacks in the main western media.   Even when Yasser Arafat conceded at the UN to recognise Israel as a state in return for recognition of Palestine as a Member he was only granted observer status. Palestine was, in effect, wiped off the map. Yet the people are racially excluded by the intruding Jewish state from nearly all forms of aid, protection, social services and human rights. Worse still, what aid they are offered from outside is blocked, embezzled or cut off at source.

The international community has expressed its condemnation of Israeli Human Rights atrocities via dozens of UN Resolutions. None of these has been heeded. Most of them have been blocked by the United States which thus becomes a ‘party to the dispute’. It should, therefore, forfeit its right to vote on the issues, as stipulated in Article 27 (3) of the UN Charter but always escapes doing so.[4] The unfortunate conclusion is that the world is faced with a mafia-style regime, with stooges in vital corridors of power, which allow it to perpetrate human rights crimes, crimes of war and deliberate genocidal massacres of captive groups of Palestinians without legal, moral or physical impediment.

All too often attempts to use the courts to prevent a War Crime or Crime against Humanity have been dismissed on lack of evidence, as happened when LAAW (Legal Action against War) approached the High Court in London for an Interlocutory Injunction to stop the UK engaging in the manifestly illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003.


3         Procedures for Indictment

There is abundant precedent for legal restraint after the event, mostly by prosecuting crimes that have already been committed:

The first is for NGO’s and sympathetic governments to Petition the General Assembly of the United Nations to pass a Resolution calling for the crimes to be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

A second is to set up an International Criminal Tribunal. Former US Attorney Ramsey Clark set up an unofficial Tribunal in Spain in 1996 to try the US leadership for the crimes against Iraq, i.e. the mass killing and devastation by aerial bombardment of civilian objects such as bridges, hospitals and ministries during the 1991 Kuwait War. It also tried Mrs Albright and others for the genocidal sanctions which deprived the entire nation of medical supplies and essential materials for reconstruction of hospitals and clinics, water and sewerage works, power generation and telecommunications and vital supplies, leading to the deaths of at least 450,000 children under 5. Similar Tribunals were established in Japan, Turkey and Malaysia to try the US administration’s next set of War Crimes in its illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003. In all cases there has been no mechanism for arresting suspects or for jailing them after the verdicts.

When the ICT’s are set up by the Security Council they are rather more effective. They confer power to arrest, indict and punish felons. But these Tribunals have descended into show trials, as in the case of President Slobodan Milosevic at the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia in the Hague, by victorious NATO allies with little respect for legal procedure. Milosovic was denied his own lawyer, denied certain evidence, denied right to cross-examine key witnesses and sadly, despite a valiant battle, died in captivity unable to challenge the charge of ‘War Criminal’. A similar show Tribunal was mounted against President Saddam Hussein although, in this case, in Iraq, where even more procedural abuse was possible because of the security situation and lack of international legal accountability. Legal teams were subjected to physical attack, witnesses were allowed to invent stories unchallenged, defence witnesses were barred from the hearing and Saddam’s own testimony was heckled, foreclosed by the judge, and dismissed. Even the Appeal was delayed until it was too late.[5]

A third route is to Petition Non-Aligned UN Member States to call for Indictments at the ICC. This would have the momentum of over 100 states behind it, including, prima facie, China and Russia, both Security Council Members. But nothing will happen until the ICC has established itself as an independent Court brave enough to try felons from the protégé of the existing super-power. This may be expedited when the Non-Aligned Movement is sufficiently emboldened by economic and/or military prowess and America and Israel are sufficiently weakened by economic and moral debasement. It also depends on NATO being politically embarrassed by its criminal involvement in the death and destruction of Afghanistan, let alone Serbia.

A fourth route is to Petition States Party to the Geneva Conventions to take action in local High Courts in states where these Conventions have been passed into law.

A fifth, when the others have been found wanting, is for individual groups, lawyers or NGO’s to petition the ICC to prosecute.

And a sixth, when no governments or the ICC will act, is for individuals to take out private prosecutions in local Courts against individual members of the Israeli High Command, as Daniel Mach over has done, for example, in an attempt to arrest Israeli General Almog for War Crimes. There is however, nothing to prevent some of these processes being initiated simultaneously. In practice, it may be necessary for an NGO to take action which few governments would be brave enough to initiate because of the insidious power of the Israeli lobbies around the world.

A seventh alternative is for the President of the UN General Assembly, or a responsible Member State or even a large NGO, to establish a subsidiary organ for the performance of its functions‘, one of which, under Art.11, is ‘to draw the attention of the Security Council to situations likely to endanger international peace and security’.

An eighth alternative is another ‘Uniting for Peace’ Resolution (377A 1950) by the General Assembly of the UN.   Many have suggested using this, including Barrister Dr Abdul-Haq al-Ani, Professor Francis Boyle of Illinois Law School, Msgnr Bruce Kent of INLAP, the Chairman of the World Court Project, George Farebrother and former MP Tony Benn. This empowers the GA to call into question the conduct of the Security Council where it has failed to act to stop aggression. But why did the President of the UN, who was very critical of the Genocide in Gaza, not call for such a meeting of the General Assembly to pass such a Resolution? The answer may be that the Israeli lobby, being extremely powerful, particularly over the USA which always prefers to protect Israel than to chose the peaceful road, exerted pressure behind the scenes. The USA also provides huge subsidies and shipments of arms to Israel whilst barring such shipments and funding to the Palestinian Authorities or any of their supporters.. The USA is thus a ‘party to the dispute’. Therefore other Members of the Security Council should be encouraged to apply the rule of Article 27(3) to prevent that ‘Party to the dispute’ from what amounts to an obstruction of international justice, tantamount to a felony in international law.


4         Defining & Drafting Charges

Drafting the charges depends on which route is taken. Some specific charges against Binyamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders were prepared and issued to the BBC and other media during his visit to the UK in 1996 [6]. These form the core of charges listed here.

The most serious crimes are defined in the International Criminal Court Act (2001).[7] In summary, these are:

War Crimes are defined, amongst other charges, principally as; wilful killing, torture, wilfully causing great suffering or injury, extensive destruction of property not justified by military necessity, wilfully depriving prisoners of rights to fair trial, and deporting, transferring or unlawfully confining people.

         Crimes against Humanity are defined as: murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation or forcible transfer, imprisonment or severe deprivation when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack on any civilian population.

         Genocide is defined as; the killing of any number of a specific racial, ethnic national or religious group with the intention to destroy that group in whole or [even] in part. It includes causing serious bodily or mental harm; deliberately inflicting conditions calculated to bring about the group’s physical destruction, in whole or in part.


5         War Crimes

         There are numerous cases of War Crimes in the Israeli massacre which in itself is a War Crime. The specific cases of shelling of the UNWRA HQ, three UN schools, two or three hospitals and the Red Cross ambulances must all qualify because there is a duty to avoid such obvious identified civilian objects.

Proportionality does not enter the case because a) there is no declaration of war and therefore there can be no official delineation of what is legitimate for ‘military advantage’; b) the Palestinians have no army so there cannot be a war, it has to be a massacre. In any case Olmert stated publically, as reported by the BBC, that Israel will “respond disproportionately”. There should be no need for any proof if the perpetrator declares his action to be disproportionate as that in itself is a confession of a War Crime because it has been established under International Law that it is a crime to commit indiscriminate or disproportionate action. As for Hamas firing rockets we are entitled to suspect such reports as the Israelis suspect reports of the devastation wreaked by their attacks, but even if as numerous as claimed, they are only claimed to have killed four people, so they hardly qualify for a ‘military advantage’. They are only ‘Resistance’ rockets. Resistance is legitimate in an illegal occupation. But if they are considered by a court to be military the proportional response would be to attack the rocket launchers. No evidence of such attacks has been adduced from the IDF.


6         Crimes Against Humanity

         Israelis have been committing Crimes Against Humanity since 1948 although these were not designated until 2001. But they are still forcibly transferring Palestinian people from their legitimate homes; murdering innocent Palestinians; unlawfully imprisoning Palestinians for political reasons or for no charge at all; severely depriving the Palestinian people of their own water supplies, food, farms and means of subsistence; depriving them of their entitlement to economic activity in their own country, freedom of movement, freedom of association and of numerous other entitlements. The history and various public statements demonstrate that these crimes are part of the systematic attack on the Palestinian people as a distinct ethnic group, carried out by the IDF.


7          Genocide

The early Zionists intended to ‘disappear the inhabitants of the Holy Land’ at least since 1893 when T Hertzl proclaimed this in Das Judenstaat. Many times since prime ministers such as Golda Meir and Yitzak Rabin have repeated this Zionist dictum that it was ‘a land without a people for a people without a land’. Ariel Sharon threatened to ‘cleanse Palestine of its Arab population’.[8] A chief rabbi Ovadia Youssef, founder of the Shas Party which has a strong political following in Israel, ‘called upon God to annihilate the Arabs’.[9] So we are obliged to accept that the ‘intent to destroy, in whole or in part, the national, ethnical, racial and religious group’ known as Palestinians, underlies the carnage witnessed over the last 60 years.

More recent evidence to charge Israelis with Genocide derives from the January 2009 obliteration of much of the tiny region of Gaza. Palestinians in Gaza have been under siege conditions since 1948 but they became particularly hermetic after 2004 when the settlers were withdrawn. At the same time massive Israeli attacks were frequently carried out against the defenceless civilians. As these settlers were relocated in the other Palestinian region, the West Bank, one has to ask why Israel withdrew them? Was it in preparation for the mass slaughter by bunker-busting bombs that we see today? The Egyptians brokered a cease-fire in 2007 but again this was violated by Israel’s devastating bombing of civilian targets. There are no military targets in Palestine because Palestine has no army. In any case, an Israeli Chief of Staff declared in 1978 that “the Israeli Army has never distinguished civilian from military targets”.[10]

Another reason for charging with Genocide is that no negotiation has taken place. Israel refuses to talk to Hamas, the democratic elected representative government of Gaza. The UN dictum that; disputes between nations should be settled by negotiation, through the UN if necessary, has not been fulfilled. A regime that bombs a nation without telling them why, is a terrorist regime covertly seeking to annihilate that nation.   Where self-defence is claimed, it has to be recognised that both sides claim self-defence and the law should be sympathetic to the retroactive party, where that party did not initiate the action. But this defence cannot hold because the Palestinians have no defence forces while Israel spends more on Defence per head than any other nation on Earth.[11]

It may be assumed by casual observers of the conflict that Israel is trying to force the Palestinians to flee to another part of the world. Unfortunately, that notion although illegal in itself, is belied by the fact that Palestinians are not only precluded from travelling between areas of their own country, not only from entering their capital, Jerusalem let alone Israel, without extraordinary permission, they also find it difficult to leave Palestine and even harder to return to their loved ones if they do. This means that they are treated like pheasants in a coup at Christmas. Added to this is the observed fact that Israeli troops shoot to kill. A medical survey in the 1990’s found that most deaths were found to be from wounds to the head and upper parts of the body. This includes women and children, disabled people, simple farmers and ordinary, non-politicised folk.





The following is a list of examples of categories of crimes against the Palestinians. It was originally drawn up in 1998 when Prime Minister Netanyahu was due to visit the UK. A proposal was drawn up for his arrest but sadly there was no support for this motion either from the Palestinian community or from groups normally acting in their interests. The original version was sent to BBC Radio 4 Today but was not aired. No lawyer has been persuaded to take up the challenge. Ironically two Jewish lawyers have begun to take action independently.


1                Terrorizing an Occupied People

Jewish immigrants into Palestine have been terrorizing their host nation out of their own homes and out of the country altogether since the 1900’s. Infiltrating an occupied nation with armed force against unarmed civilians, massacring civilians, as at Jenin, and extra-judicial killing, as against Sheiks Yassin and Rantissi, are War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity under the 4th Geneva Convention (Art.51). They are also acts of State Terrorism. Yet the Palestinians are deemed ‘a strategic threat’.[12]

Imposing a hostile army with perpetual erosion of hope for peace drives Palestinians to suicide. Sealing off areas by militia and imposing 23 hour curfews on entire towns, coupled with armed raids on houses and arrests of hundreds of people after the smallest incident, some of which are falsely contrived, as at Al Aqsa, continued under Sharon as outrageous abuses of Human Rights and UN Resolutions (52/64,65) and should be prosecuted in all civilized countries, as Daniel Machover has begun in England.[13]


2               Operating Apartheid

The crime of Apartheid is defined by the International Convention[14] on it as: ‘Inhuman acts committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of persons over any other racial group and systematically oppressing them’.[15]

Ronnie Kasrils, the Jewish ex-Security Chief in South Africa’s Apartheid era asserts in his book “Apartheid in Palestine is worse than in South Africa.” [16]   Palestinians are denied nearly all basic Human Rights including work. Palestinian politician, Dr Omar Bargouthi, characterized life in the ‘400 Arab villages’ in Israel itself as ‘worse than that of Israeli cattle’, which always have water, electricity and food while Arab Israelis are occasionally denied all three. These offences under international law against racism are detailed by Dr Oren Ben-Dor.[17]

The horrors of Israeli Apartheid are recounted by Marwan Bishara.[18] Geoff Simons’ The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine’ offers a comprehensive history and analysis of this inhuman policy.[19] But the most powerful condemnation of this outlawed practice is ex-President Jimmy Carter’s ‘Peace not Apartheid’.[20]

The International Court of Justice proscribed the Apartheid Wall, between Israel and the West Bank, as unlawful and ordered Israel to dismantle it and compensate Palestinians whose land and houses were bulldozed. It did not rule against the Apartheid intent but 375,000 Palestinians trapped on the Israeli side are considered ‘aliens’ and have to obtain permits to stay in their own homes and are denied the Rights of Jewish citizens.[21]


3               Stealing Palestinian Land & Water

The Montefiores and the Rothschilds began acquiring Palestinian land in the 19th Century and set up the Land Fund to purchase more. But most land is stolen without consent or payment as more ‘settlers’ have rushed in since the Wye Agreement. There are now 450,000 ‘squatters’ in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Even where Palestinians have legally documented entitlement to their property, as witnessed in East Jerusalem on one occasion, the Israeli government has ruled the documents, ratified by the British Army during the Mandate period, as illegal. A rogue state is changing history to disenfranchise families from their ancestral homes.

Water is taken from the West Bank in increasing volumes by Israeli Water Co. Mekerot so that Jewish squatters receive five times as much per head as Palestinians who pay seven times as much per litre, when it is not cut off, which it often is, sometimes for weeks at a time.[22] The Israelis sucked out so much water from the aquifer under Gaza when they occupied it that sea-water has infiltrated making it now undrinkable. They also bombed the sewage works in Gaza which has caused pollution of supplies, seriously endangering life.


4               Armed Attacks on Refugees

Not content with terrorizing Palestinians from their homes, Israel Generals like Ariel Sharon orchestrated surprise rocket and shell attacks on innocent civilians who had already fled from Jewish terror gangs into Jordan, Egypt and Syria and all over the world. For example, even those sheltering at miserable refugee camps at Qana, Sabra & Shatilla and Bourj al-Barajneih in Lebanon, were savagely massacred on Sharon’s orders in 1986, murdering over 3,000.[23]


5              Denying Rights of Return

Palestinians who travel abroad for more than six months are denied their basic Right of Return, whilst Sharon and Netanyahu, whose families did not originate in Palestine, steal for themselves and fellow Jews the ‘right’ to migrate into someone else’s home.[24] This turns international law on its head. In 1997 the Israeli Interior Ministry withdrew identity cards from 60,000 Palestinians in Jerusalem alone.[25] These offences against the Human Rights Conventions [26] are escalate every year. There are about 4 million Palestinians barred from their own land. Most have an international legal Right to Return.[27]


6              Armed Attacks on Women & Children

Innocent women and children, with no armaments and no army, are gunned down on the street or in their homes by militia in armoured vehicles. Numerous examples are cited in James Graff’s study ‘Palestinian Children and Israel State Violence’ [28] and other works. In wars against civilians it is often hard to label resistance fighters as ‘non-combatants’. But Israeli Chief of Staff Mordechai Gur infamously asserted in 1978: “The Israeli army has never distinguished civilian from military targets” [29]. In most cases the Palestinians have no military to target. So Israel’s armed force’s attacks have been blatant massacres, as at Jenin in April 2002 during ‘Operation Defensive Shield’ in which nearly 500 Palestinians were killed, 1,500 wounded and 7,000 imprisoned in a staggeringly gruesome assault on innocent people in their homes.[30],[31] Many other examples are cited by John Gee in his work ‘Unequal Conflict’.

Each of these crimes could be taken to the International Criminal Court by a signatory state.


7                Destroying Palestinians’ Homes

Palestinian houses are bulldozed to make way for exclusively Israeli settlements and roads, for ‘security’ or in ‘retaliation’ without compensation.[32] Owners are charged for demolition![33] In East Jerusalem alone, 47 homes were demolished in 1996-7[34]. These are well-documented in ‘Obstacles to Peace’ by an unusually brave Israeli, Jeff Halper, who intervenes personally to stop demolitions and help re-build homes afterwards.[35]

8               Imposing Laws, Government and Constitution on an Occupied People

Imposing new arbitrary military laws about movement, house-building and trade, about how to govern and who should be elected; about framing the constitution to recognize an unlawful occupying enemy are all offences under the Geneva Conventions which should have been prosecuted years ago. A start must be made by responsible Human Rights Groups.

9              Building Illegal Settlements

Moving occupier populations into sovereign territory: The rate of building Jewish settlements increased by a record 12% under Netanyahu[36]. The most crucial, Jabal Abu Ghneim, on confiscated land annexed to south Jerusalem was to expand the Jewish ratio by 32,000, in defiance of UN Resolutions (52/67), undoing all previous withdrawals[37]. These expansions escalated under Barak, Sharon and Netanyahu’s second term and now house over 460,000 Jewish squatters, mostly from Russia and America where they have homes already and do not face any persecution of even the slightest kind. They have been condemned by American Presidents from Jimmy Carter, to Barak Obama, including Bill Clinton and even George Bush. They have also been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice. This ruling remains unforced because of the insidious corruption of legal processes by the Israeli lobby.


10            Contemptuously Ignoring 130 UN Resolutions

80 Resolutions passed by the UN General Assembly, ordering Israel to return Occupied land to Palestinians (242) return land to Lebanon (435) return the Golan to Syria (52/66) return property and revenue (52/62) withdraw from Jerusalem (181) respect Palestinian human rights (52/67) the right to self-determination (52/114) and over 30 others in 1997 alone, have been arrogantly ignored [38],[39].

Even where such UN Resolutions have been passed, condemning Israeli atrocities and abuses, Israel has contemptuously ignored them. In some instances, such as that of labelling Israel as the Apartheid, Racist state that it is, the Israeli lobby has worked behind the scenes to discredit the Human Rights Commission which Tabled the Motion and achieved the feat of nullifying it. International law is being flouted and should be referred to the Security Council for urgent action such as sanctions, just as the Israeli lobby is so quick to implement against its perceived enemies like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and Iran.


11             Torturing & Depriving Prisoners of Human Rights

Use of torture in Israeli jails has been ‘legalized’.[40] The UN Committee Against Torture found that Israeli methods of investigation constituted torture as defined in Article 1 of the Convention.[41] At the beginning of 1998 there were approximately 3,000 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails.   These are Crimes Against Humanity which should be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court regardless of Israel’s contempt for the Court.


12            Using Palestinians in Germ Warfare Tests

Palestinian prisoners have been used to test the new ‘ethnic bomb’ and other biological and chemical warfare agents[42], against all human ethical standards. This is a crime under the Geneva Convention which has been enacted in the UK and over 100 other countries.


13            Denying Access to Free Trade

In 1996 closures of Palestinian premises brought their economy to near collapse.[43] Their airports in Jerusalem and Gaza have been wrecked, their port plans blocked. Palestinians still cannot export independently, since Israel controls all exports and imports. It thus also controls consumption which is tied to Israeli monopoly prices.


14            Embezzling Palestinian Taxes

Israel withheld funds owed to the PNA, collected in taxes on Palestinian trade amounting to $1M a day in 1998. In addition, funds from Arab, European and other sources have to be channelled through Israel which deducts a punitive levy and often blocks them completely.[44] Israeli lobbyists in the EU administration succeeded in stopping all EU aid to Gaza on grounds that it was run by ‘terrorists’ even though Hamas was democratically elected. This amounts to embezzlement and fraud against a population. It has been condemned by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund’s retiring head James Wolfenson.


15            Assassinating Political Leaders

Israeli former PM Shimon Peres has virtually admitted that Israel assassinated Chairman Yasser Arafat. In an interview with the New York Times Peres was asked; “You didn’t think that Arafat should be assassinated?” He replied “No. I thought it possible to do business with him.” [45] Israel’s Mossad stands guilty of many other such crimes. A notorious case was that of a Palestinian policeman who was attacked in Amman with a deadly poison syringe in his ear. The King of Jordan demanded the Israelis name the poison so that an ante-dote could be administered, thus securing a confession. Another case was that of Mossad agents who stole British and Israeli passports to infiltrate a hotel in Oman, dressed as tennis-players and assassinated a Palestinian leader.

Probably the most disgusting murder was that of Sheik Rantissi, a blind Sheik in a wheel-chair in Gaza who had attacked nobody and done little more than voice the obvious, that the Holy Land needed cleansing. The latest horrific example of Israeli state terror was the rocket attack from a drone on Hamas military commander in Gaza 2012. He was about to have a reconciliation meeting with the Fatah Prime Minister in the West Bank which did not fit with the Israeli policy of ‘divide and rule’.


16            False Accusations against Victims

On top of all these Crimes Against Humanity by a rogue state with the 4th largest military power and the highest level of military expenditure per head in the world, against a virtually unarmed population with no army and no independent police force, there is constant accusation that the victims are ‘terrorists’ and ‘criminals’ who only want to ‘destroy peace’ and ‘throw their oppressors into the sea’. In fact it is Palestine which has been wiped off the map by Israel, its people driven out of their ancestral homes and its youths driven to suicide by a heartless and ruthless regime which denies them any hope. The truth cannot be hidden much longer. The international community must know well enough how unjust and criminal this predicament is and should take tough legal action, either via the UN or in international and domestic courts, particularly in the countries most responsible; the UK, the USA, France and Russia.


17             Collective Punishment

The mildest but no less objectionable form of collective punishment was the announcement by Netanyahu after Palestine’s recognition by the UN GA as an Observer State, that he was approving 3,000 more settler homes in the West Bank as ‘punishment’ for this globally recognised and long awaited step.

More serious are the attacks on the Palestinian population at large by aerial bombardment and shelling as ‘punishment’ for the occasional rocket fired over the wall allegedly by Hamas. Oddly we have been shown no Israeli footage of the evidence for the source of these attacks, despite their comprehensive satellite and drone surveillance coverage of the occupied Territories. We may well assume on past performance that these are ‘false-flag’ attacks which carefully cause little damage and seldom kill any Israelis. But they were used as an excuse for the cruel mass murder and destruction that devastated Gaza at Christmas 2008-9.   A similar attack was perpetrated during Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 2006 because they suffered ignominious defeat at the hands of Hizbollah. An Israeli General announced that the intention was ‘to visit a holocaust on the Palestinians’ even though they had little to do with the Lebanese onslaught apart from having been terrorized out of their own country to live there.


18            Massacring Innocent Civilians

The history of massacres of innocent Palestinians by Israel is a very long and full one. But few reach the common media. The Intifada of 2000-1 was one that did because the blame could be put on the Palestinian youths who exploded against the repressive regime in Jerusalem. Evidentiary material is documented in a book by an International Commission of Jurists ‘In Need of Protection’.[46]

The massive slaughter of innocent Palestinians in ‘Operation Cast Lead’ using F-16’s, battle tanks and attack helicopters, killed 1,450 people, a third of them women and children, and wounded an estimated 5,400 others. These people were undefended and not participating in any aggression or retaliation against Israel. This unwarranted aggression was repeated in 2012, following a rocket which someone fired on an Israeli town, Sderot, albeit in what was Palestinian land. This series of brutal massacres is documented by James Petras in ‘War Crimes in Gaza’.[47] The less defence the Palestinians have the more they are massacred. They are therefore entitled to a UN Defence Force with permanent independent policing, such as UNIFIL can provide, so that victim and aggressor can be legally documented.


19            Obstructing Justice

The Israelis have generally managed to evade prosecution by obstructing the very processes of international justice set up to protect innocent civilians. It is not that the system is weak because many governments have been arraigned by it, some with devastating military consequences for trying to escape justice. Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was accused of many human rights abuses which underpinned the excuses to attack in 1990 and 2003, killing, maiming and debilitating millions, far more than even alleged affected by Saddam. Also targeted militarily and/or by crippling UN ‘Sanctions’ for alleged humanitarian failings are North Korea, Malaysia, Iran, Libya, Nicaragua, Viet-nam, Cambodia and Argentina as well-known examples. Most of the allegations against these countries have proven to be misunderstood. Therefore it is concluded that Israel receives ‘special dispensation’ from international justice.

This was clearest when Judge Goldstone, appointed by the UN, reported on his investigation into the War Crimes committed by Israeli forces on the poor people of Gaza in 2008-9, found Israel guilty. But the charges have mysteriously never been tried.

The Israeli attack on the aid convoy headed by the Mari’mara which killed several innocent passengers was acted upon by the Turkish Judiciary but again has been constantly suppressed from implementing the punishment so readily meted out to other terrorists on the High Seas.




20           Attacking the Victim’s Aids & Supporters

Many brave people and nations have rallied to defend the Palestinians from the criminal abuses of their intruders. And all these have been systematically attacked by defamation in the media, then isolation courtesy of the UN Security Council and ultimately by direct armed attack, mostly before any armed defence was launched.

Egypt came to the aid of Palestine in the 1950’s. In 1956 the Israelis managed to cajole the UK Prime Minister to attack Cairo on false intelligence that President Nasser was about to take the Suez Canal. In 1967 Egypt was attacked by Israel directly to thwart her plans to hold Israel to the Armistice line of 1948 and allow Palestinian refugees to return home. The destruction of the Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian airforces on the ground before they took off allowed Israel to take and occupy the West Bank with alacrity.

Since 1969 Libya was demonized as an ‘evil dictatorship’ for training the PLO resistance fighters. In fact it is a paragon of Greek democratic principles where every citizen has a right to be heard in the Assemblies. But even Col. Qaddafi yielded to Israel’s fighter bombers and asked the PLO to leave.

Even Lebanon which has only sheltered Palestinian refugees and never threatened to attack Israel has been bombed, invaded and terrorized many times by Israeli forces. In the 1980’s Ariel Sharon attacked Lebanon three times on false pretexts, the real reason being to annihilate refugees from Palestine. He deployed the Druze militia to massacre 3,000 women and children in the Sabra & Shatilla camps. These have been well documented by physician Dr Swee Chai Ang and the Qatar News Agency.[48],[49] This kind of terrorism has been deplored, but not enough to isolate Israel as a vicious and heartless racist entity, except in parts of the Muslim world.

Iraq was also attacked and devastated as result of promises to help Palestinians rebuild homes demolished by the Israeli army. Afghanistan has been devastated and forced into line for harbouring Osama bin Laden who, apart from being labelled as the orchestrator of ‘9-11’, was also an outspoken critic of Israeli cruelty to the Palestinians.   Sudan’s President Bashir has been indicted with War Crimes charges trumped up by the Save Dafur Campaign run by friends of Israel in New York, and his country divided because of his support for Palestine, as exposed by David Hoile in ‘The Road to Darfur’ [50]





It is often alleged by Jewish apologists for Israeli state terrorism that it is justified by Germany’s persecution of Jews in the 1930’s and ‘40’s. This was supposed to give European Jews no alternative but to take the Holy Land as a refuge. Actually, the atrocities against the Palestinians began well before that, in the 1900’s, as a brief look at the history tells us.[iii] The protagonists for Zion will no doubt respond that the Jews were subject to earlier pogroms in Russia, Eastern Europe, Spain, France, England and the Middle East itself. One then may ask why an ethnic group should be so unpopular as to be hounded from country after country? This is not the subject of this booklet. But it may be reasonable to ask en passant in the spotlight of Israeli atrocities, does this unpopularity perhaps stem from an inherent behavioural arrogance towards non-Jews? This characteristic is easily assimilated by those who have worn the self-chosen mantle of ‘God’s Chosen People’ for over two millennia. But there is no place for such racial or religious prejudice in a world ruled by humanitarian law, if indeed that is the case. Israel is currently promoting itself as the unlikely world leader in Humanitarianism which will even cast doubt on the reliability of that concept.

It is also often alleged that Israeli attacks on the Palestinians and other criminal behaviour is justified to stop Palestinian attacks on Israel, most notably by suicide bombers. This is the felon blaming the victim. The Palestinians cannot have begun the cycle of violence, simply being the unwitting owners of coveted land. Even ignoring this fact, cruel and inhuman treatment can have the opposite effect. The oppression is so extreme, the injustice so unchallengeable in a military dictatorship and outside help is so pitifully ineffective from international communities, that hope for a painless future life is vanishingly small. This drives people to suicide. It has to be remembered that the Palestinians have no army to defend themselves against a ruthless occupying force or even against rapacious zealots terrifying indigenous inhabitants from their land. The Palestinians have a legal right to resist but have no recourse other than by personal sacrifice.

To end this tragedy before the entire Palestinian population is wiped off the map, the international community must take legitimate action. Israel stands accused of breaking nearly every law of war and occupation. This oppression, this Genocide, this theft, this torture and imprisonment of a nation, is a blot on the history of mankind.   It has been perpetrated for longer than against any other ethnic group in living memory. And more sinisterly, it goes almost unreported by the media in the western world. Nothing is effectively being done.

The Palestinians are generally depicted by the western media and governments as ‘terrorists’. This in itself is defamatory slander which could be prosecuted. In fact the Palestinians are so peace-loving, friendly and philosophical that they have been ruthlessly exploited and terrorized and slow to complain.





There are a number of possible motives driving these relentless, inhuman and unprovoked attacks on the Palestinian people.


1          Ethnic Cleansing

As Michele Lady Renouf illustrates in her documentary ‘Palestine: Israel Inflagrante’ the Palestinians were destined to be terrorized from their homeland ever since Theodore Herzl contrived his Zionist plan for a Jewish State in the 1890’s.[51]   Herzl decreed that the Palestinians would have to be ‘disappeared’.

It is argued by certain Jewish groups that the Jews had to have a country of their own and because they were in the Holy Land 2000 years ago, they must be allowed back. As Bishop Williamson has pointed out, this argument is equivalent to the Italians saying that because the Romans were in Britain 2000 years ago, they too should all be allowed back. But as is obvious, such a claim has no legal title, while some Palestinians have legal titles to their property which have been dismissed by the new incumbents, removing the validity of that argument where it is claimed.


2         History of Persecution

The case for an exclusively Jewish homeland is also put forward on the basis that Jews are disliked by Palestinians and their history of persecution gives them a prior claim to exclusivity. In fact the Palestinians are Semitic cousins of the Jews and only dislike them, if they do, because of the horrific crimes perpetrated against them. As for the history of persecution this has to be analysed on a causal basis. Why have the Jews been persecuted in nearly every country where they have had a significant impact on the non-Jewish population? One answer, from no less a figure than the first President of Israel, Chaim Weizmann is: “Whenever the quantity of Jews in any country reaches saturation point, that country reacts against them…This cannot be looked upon as anti-Semitism….It is a universal social and economic concomitant of Jewish immigration.”[52]


3         Religious Arrogance

Could it be that their cruelty and arrogance towards the Palestinians is not new to the Jews?   Why did the Romans expel them in AD70? Why did the Greeks expel them? Why did the Babylonians expel them? Why did the Egyptians expel them? Could it be that Talmudic teaching which, for example, denotes Gentiles as inferior, specifies that crimes against Gentiles can be forgiven by the Rabbi and that it is, in effect, ‘God-given’ that the ‘Chosen People’ should behave or misbehave with alacrity and absolution?

If this is an element in the motive driving Israelis to persecute and drive out the Palestinians from their own homes, International Humanitarian Law needs to be exercised to bring justice and to indict such patently errant extremists.


4         Eretz Israel

But it does not end there because the Messianic goal of Zionism is to grab all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates, as heralded in the two blue lines on their flag. This points to the charge that Zionist agents in the form of the neo-Cons in the USA were primarily behind the attack on and devastation of Iraq in 1990 and 2003 and the perpetuated presence of US soldiers and sanctions for the next two decades, because the Ba’athists in power stood in the way of this goal.


5         Global Hegemony

The ultimate motive for Israeli dictatorship over the Palestinians at any criminal price is the Messianic belief that they will ‘inherit the Earth’ as foretold by their Prophets. In the last few years a number of Israeli spokespersons have echoed the sentiment saying, for example, that Jerusalem is the Capital not just of the Israel but the world.





1        Zionist Leaders

The principal leaders of the Zionist putsch were the Montefiores and the Rothschilds who set up the Jewish National Fund for acquiring Palestinian land in the 19th Century. The Oppenheimers, the Baruchs, and many other wealthy Jewish families in Europe, Russia and America added their weight and are documented in Douglas Reed’s comprehensive treatise ‘The Controversy of Zion’.[53]

Theodor Hertzl is responsible for the encapsulating the idea of a Jewish State on Palestinian land.   Even notable figures like Chaim Weizmann and David Ben Gurion, who fled from a British arrest warrant for planning the terror bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, were knowingly instrumental in translating the idea into its unpalatable reality. Golda Meir’s driving goal was the ignominious phrase ‘a land without a people for a people without a land’. Menachim Begin and Yitsak Shamir drove their stakes further into the heart of Palestine. They also attacked neighbouring countries before they could come to Palestinians’ defence.

Ariel Sharon is guilty of many crimes both in commission and on the ground. It was he who triggered the First Intifada by provocatively marching into the Sacred Compound of the Holy Mosque in East Jerusalem to offend the Muslim sentiments. He was also infamous for breaking the bones of captive academic Palestinians on the hillside above Lake Galilee.

Jewish immigrants from the beginning of the 20th century terrorized Palestinians from their farms and villages. They formed the terrorist gangs Haganah and Irgun which massacred and terrorized Palestinians from their country. Later the Stern Gang evolved to undermine British troops holding the line between the two sects on behalf of the UN Mandate. The fact that leaders of these terror groups, and David Ben Gurion became premiers of Israel taints the State with an ignominious terrorist label. And the fact that they were elected tends to inculcate the entire population. Most of the specific crimes identified above were committed in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s first term of office. But he is also criminally responsible for the state crimes committed in his second term (2009-13).


2               Mossad Chiefs

Mossad’s motto ‘By deception thou shalt kill’ gives away its criminal intent for free. Its extensive file of crimes against Palestinians and their supporters is documented by brave annulists like Victor Ostrovsky and Gordon Thomas but probably only touched on [54].


3               Israeli Forces Chiefs

Moshe Dyan was probably the most notorious Israeli General, guilty of stranding the Egyptian 6th Army in the Sinai Desert in 1967 while they stared to death for lack of water and supplies. He was equally ruthless with Palestinian Resistance fighters trying to defend their country from his jack-boot aggressive occupation. General Almog is wanted for crimes against the Palestinians and was nearly arrested by Scotland Yard acting on a writ obtained by Jewish solicitor, Daniel Machover.





1                Zionists in the UK government

Approximately 80% of MPs in all three major political Parties in the UK have been coerced into joining Conservative Friends of Israel, Labour Friends of Israel or LibDem Friends of Israel.   This makes it difficult for them to vote against any motion to assist Israel, especially when it comes to attack, but even over legal threats, UN Resolutions, economic and political sanctions or simple verbal denigration. This not only stigmatizes MPs as biased towards wrong-doing but inculcates them as accessories to the crimes committed.   Worse still, it lays them open to charges of treachery for supporting illegal activities by a foreign power, against the interests of the UK and its reputation. This will be the subject of a Public Inquiry one day which may lead to charges in courts of law, both national and international.

In addition, there are many katsas or placement working for Israel inside the British establishment. Lord Victor Rothschild infiltrated MI5 during World War 11 and set up the ‘Think Tank’ idea in the Cabinet Office to induce pro-Israeli policies into the heart of government.[55] The Board of Deputies of British Jews for example, has its own section in the Police at Scotland Yard. These people may be guilty of violating the constitutional trust vested in civil servants and the like.


2               Neo-Cons in the US administration:

Zionist infiltration and control of the US administration is far more developed and effective. Henry Kissinger, as early as 1975, hatched a plan to ‘annihilate large parts of the Middle East’ ostensibly to take over the oil in a covert plot mentioned by US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia James Akins in a secret Airgram retrieved and publicized by David Pidcock.[56] This would rate as Genocide in a fair judicial judgement which would put Dr Kissinger behind bars for a long stretch. It may have been a part of the agenda to facilitate expansion of ‘Eretz Israel’.[57]

Madeleine Albright followed with her Genocidal blockade of Iraq, the ‘Fertile Crescent’ throughout the 1990’s. Genocidal intent was confirmed by her infamously announcing on US ’60 Minutes show, after hearing that 450,000 children had died by 1996, “the price is worth it” and continued her policy. The reason is that first the Ba’ath Parties, especially the Iraqi faction, were amongst the most determined resistance to the Partition of Palestine.[58]


3               AIPAC & Israeli Lobbyists

The destruction of Iraq’s Ba’ath Party is linked to Israel via the disproportionately powerful pressure groups in the USA known as AIPACs (American-Israeli Political Action Committees) which have manipulated votes by nearly all the Congress and Senate in Israel’s favour.[59] This pressure is supercharged by the ‘neo-Cons’ who form the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) which underlies US foreign policy. Most of the group are staunch Zionist friends of Israel, most notably Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle. It is now emerging that these people were responsible for persuading President Bush to invade Iraq on false intelligence about wmd and human rights. They proposed Iraq be split into three.5   This was to deprive the governing Ba’athist Sunnis, in the central zone, of oil resources, thus to frustrate their aim of financing resistance to Zionist aggression or of saving Palestinian lives and liberating Jerusalem. President Saddam Hussein had offered succour to Palestinian families whose houses were demolished by Israel.[60] For this he was tricked into the 1990 war over Kuwait with the USA, whose Ambassador had told him “We are not concerned about disputes between states”. The entire Iraqi population was then subjected to a siege lasting to 2003 which led to an estimated 2 million deaths. The Zionist culprits behind this international crime of the Century are identified in Michael Collins Piper’s excellent research published in ‘The High Priests of War’[61] and by James Petras in ‘War Crimes in Gaza & the Zionist 5th Column in America.’[62]


4               The Media Moghuls

         The influx of Jews into Palestine has caused resentment partly because they have taken more than they were offered. But it is much more because of their increasing cruelty and injustice to the indigenous people. The suppression of this resentment by the media has also been unreasonable and thus protected Israel from censure and allowed the unlawful and bloody occupation to expand. The best exposition of this bias is Prof. Greg Philo’s analysis in ‘Bad News from Israel’.[63]

British media moghuls like Robert Maxwell, an agent of Mossad, and US giants like Sumner Redstone and the Kristol brothers, together with influential journalists like Charles Krauthamer, Daniel Pipes have syndicated most reports on Israel and edited them so that almost no atrocities are attributed to the rogue state and the plight of its victims passes almost unreported.


5              Christian Right

Another strong body of co-conspirators which was clearly co-opted to support the war for Israel against Iraq in 1990 is the Christian Right or Christian Zionists, as comprehensively documented by the Revd Dr Stephen Sizer in ‘Christian Zionism’ [64]. When the bulk of American people and even many Senators were against the war the Christian Right came out for it in large enough numbers to sway the vote in favour. This seems to be a faction united by Evangelists in the Christian churches around the concept that Palestine was always Israel in Biblical terms, so there is an obligation to support the Jews there. This concept is flawed by woolly and uncorroborated stories about who or which ethnic groups were in the Holy Land in zero AD, even about whether Jesus was strictly Jewish[65] and whether he carried the Mosaic Myth that God promised this particular ‘land of milk and honey’ to the Jews, as opposed to the Fertile Crescent in Babylonia which fits the bill rather better.   Some doubt is cast on this provenance in Andrew Collins’ analysis ‘Tutankhamun: The Exodus Conspiracy’.[66]


6              Conscripts

In addition, the Israelis have recruited thousands of individuals in the media, government, finance and the law to misinterpret their crimes as either justified, untrue or inconsequential and to disregard their victims’ plight, even to regard them as ‘terrorists’ or ‘extremists’. People involved will be guilty by association if not party to deliberate deception and fraud against the public. Mossad infamously employs Sayanim (infiltrators who report on those who stand up for justice against Israeli atrocities and deception) and Katsas whose role is even more unsavoury, as described by Gordon Thomas in ‘Gideon’s Spies’.[67]



7       THE COURTS


Several options are open to halt these injustices although no compensation would repair the deaths and destruction of livelihoods and cultural heritage that the Palestinians have been subjected. Some options are outlined in ‘Strategic Scenarios for Palestine’[68]. But the first option must be to apply the full extent of the law, national and international.   This booklet has compiled an outline of types of cases that could be investigated and submitted for prosecution. There are four principal courts to which these crimes may be referred.


1                   National Courts

As Daniel Machover has shown,[69] it was possible to obtain an arrest warrant for any criminal from any country should they land on another country’s soil. This has led to police investigation and a pre-trial hearing. Of course there will be lengthy appeals and counter appeals. At least it defies the criminals not to travel. At best it removes them from further criminal potential for a while. One of the hurdles in this procedure is cost. Legal Aid may be available for claimants with no resources. But the UK withdrew outlawed this process in 2011 so that now any arrest warrant must be approved by government.


2                        The European Court of Human Rights

Although Israel is not a European country, the ECHR may try cases of Palestinians who have fled persecution in Israel if they are domiciled in a European country. This might apply where a Palestinian can show deprivation of rights of return, rights to food and water, rights to live without fear of persecution and so on. It is empowered to order compensation payments but whether these can be recovered from the culprit state is not yet known.


3                        The International Criminal Court

The ICC was only set up in July 2002 and cannot try War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity or Genocide before that date. But most of these charges are on-going. As a military occupation is offending against the Geneva Conventions enshrined in the ICC Statute, these could be taken before it in any of the 92 signatory countries, even though Israel is not amongst them. Once accepted a claim is investigated by the Chief Prosecutor so there are no costs to the claimant. The Court however, has no powers of arrest or ways to implement its verdicts without the cooperation of a host country.




4                        The International Court of Justice

The most comprehensive and expedient way of dealing with serial crimes by a state is by referral to the ICJ by the Security Council or possibly directly from the floor of the UN General Assembly. Such a claim can be initiated by any Member state or even by an NGO if sufficient support from country Members can be found. Unfortunately, even this Court has no powers of arraignment. Its decisions can be used to underpin Security Council Resolutions which may lead to binding measures such as sanctions and ultimately to military persuasion. Instituting ‘Chapter VII’ Resolutions against Israel without a US veto would require other Security Council measures to resolutely activate Article 27 which obliges ‘parties to a dispute to forfeit their right to vote’. It is increasingly possible that great emerging powers like China could challenge the US veto by invoking this order.

The UN General Assembly could also overturn Security Council impotence on Israeli crimes against the Palestinians by a ‘Uniting for Peace’ vote, as it did in 1950 when the USA wanted to overturn Russian objections to the US war between North and South Korea.[70] This is also increasingly feasible following the over-whelming support from 140 countries in the GA for Palestine State status in 2012.





The forerunner of the ‘Ministry of Peace’, ‘Planning for Peace’ took legal action to stop the bombing of Iraq’s ‘No-Fly Zones’ during the 1990’s, reaching Appeal in 2000. If we had won the Judicial Review but lost the case we would have faced a large legal bill from the Treasury Solicitor. So Legal Action Against War was set up in 2003 to claim an Interlocutory Injunction at the High Court against the invasion of Iraq in the name of a claimant who was eligible for Legal Aid to insulate against such costs. This also failed on Appeal.

To initiate the legal action called for here it would help if aggrieved persons, particularly from Palestine with no financial assets, could come forward.   This has several dangers. 1) The government will probably take a negative attitude to anyone using the Courts for crimes abroad that it feels dissociated from and bar Legal Aid or even residential status. 2) The Aid Commission may refuse a claimant under pressure from government or other entities. 3) The Israelis will take a hostile attitude to anyone threatening their political or military personnel.   The individual has to be brave and committed. But they need not be too worried about appearing and speaking in court as we would act as McKenzie’s Friends and carry out the pleas on their behalf.

Solicitor Daniel Machover has reminded us that all signatories to the Geneva Conventions have a duty not just to bring prosecutions but to search for War Criminals and build cases against them. It was done with President Milosovic, General Mladic, several African leaders and many German ones. It therefore behoves our MP’s to call upon the Foreign Secretary and the Attorney General, if not the Police, to initiate investigations and prepare proceedings for criminal prosecutions in the UK.   This is particularly relevant as the UK was party to establishing the Israeli State on Palestinians’ soil without their agreement and therefore has a redoubled responsibility to oversee fair play and justice.





The Palestinians are suffering the most barbaric series of War Crimes and infringement of Human Rights of any living nation and have suffered longer, both as prisoners in their own country and exiled from it. Any one of the 20 categories of crimes against them would be enough to see any other dictatorship condemned by the international community and forced into ‘regime change’ or devastating impotence by ‘UN’ sanctions and ultimately physical force. Including Genocide, these crimes constitute the gravest criminal record known to the modern world, surpassing any other holocaust.

Human rights campaigners, lawyers, law-abiding governments, independent media, religious leaders and brave politicians have tried to bring justice to bear on this errant entity. But they have been targeted, isolated, defamed and either assassinated, imprisoned or silenced by the long tentacles of Israeli networks.

Now it is up to all conscientious people wanting to rid the world of injustice, war, death and oppression to seek ways to take effective legal action to save the Palestinians from escalating deadly crimes against them.

The Israelis and their collaborators could be taken to any national court, the International Criminal Court or the International Court of Justice and referred to the UN Security Council for sanctions under Chapter VII.   Governments signatory to the Geneva Conventions have a duty to take legal action against offenders. If they will not, civil society should try. Even that avenue has become more difficult now that the Israeli lobby in the UK has barred Magistrates from approving Writs from private individuals to arrest serving politicians and army personnel.




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